Phishing is a commonly used method by criminals to steal personal information and login credentials. By posing as trustworthy entities, such as iDEAL, they attempt to deceive you into clicking on links or sharing personal details. Recognising phishing attempts is crucial to keep your financial and personal information safe. iDEAL is committed to informing you about how to recognise and prevent these fraudulent activities. Together, we can fight against phishing and make your online experience safer.

What is phishing?

Criminals send you an email message to obtain your login details. This could be, for example, by asking you to click on a link in the email or to enter your login details on a website that appears to be that of a company you trust. This information can be used for various purposes, such as withdrawing money from your bank account or committing identity fraud.

Phishing or Smishing?

Phishing via SMS or Whatsapp is called 'smishing'. An example is if you receive a text message asking you to make a payment with iDEAL for a product or service you did not order or request.

Recognising Phishing

What should you look out for?

  • You are often not addressed personally;
  • You do not know the sender or have not ordered the product being referred to;
  • Poor, deficient, or unclear use of language;
  • You are asked to click on a link and/or fill in your personal details such as name, address, and login information. Note: iDEAL will never ask you to provide your login details via email.
  • You are asked to respond or act urgently or as soon as possible to the request in the message.
  • If the email or SMS/Whatsapp contains a link and you hover over it with your mouse - without clicking - you will see a website address that does not match the sender.

Reporting Phishing

Have you received a phishing email in the name of iDEAL or are you unsure whether it is a phishing message? Do not click on any links in the message and do not enter your personal details, login codes, or other data that identifies you as a person. Then, forward your email to and delete the message. You can also report smishing here. In that case, send a screenshot or photo of the message you received.

What can you do if you have clicked on a link? 

If you have entered a password, PIN, verification code, or personal details, please contact your bank.

Report Suspicious Website

Have you come across a website that suspiciously associates itself with the iDEAL brand? We kindly request that you refrain from interacting with this site.

To protect you and others, we kindly ask you to report this to us. After review, we will take any necessary actions, together with our brand abuse vendor, Corsearch, to mitigate any potential threats.

Report a suspicious website