Pay with an iDEAL QR-code

You may have already come across an iDEAL QR code. In fact, paying with iDEAL can now also be done with a QR code. You will find this QR code on invoices, receipts, screens (telephone, TV, laptop, shop column, etc.) and (bus shelter) posters.

An iDEAL QR code can be recognised by the iDEAL logo in the middle and scanned safely and securely with the QR scanner of your banking app. This way, you pay directly on your mobile phone with iDEAL. It's safe, easy and quick.

Pay with iDEAL QR

Scan the iDEAL QR code with your mobile banking app (Triodos and bunq customers do this with their phone's camera or a QR scan app).

Check the payment details. Sometimes you can adjust the amount to be paid, for example to donate a higher amount or tip;

Press 'Pay', the bank confirms the payment.

You return to the recipient's confirmation page.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is iDEAL QR?

It is a functionality of iDEAL that makes it possible to initiate a mobile iDEAL payment from a screen, printed matter or wherever else you can find an iDEAL QR code. iDEAL QR can be used as a payment method in physical situations, including making doorstep donations, paying invoices, paying for films on TV (video on demand), paying bills at restaurants or cafés or transferring iDEAL transactions from a PC or laptop to a mobile phone.

What does iDEAL QR cost?

The iDEAL Partner determines the cost of iDEAL QR and the iDEAL payment. Contact your iDEAL Partner to learn more about the costs.

How does iDEAL QR work?

After scanning an iDEAL QR code, which can be recognised by the iDEAL logo, all information about the transaction (amount, beneficiary and description) will appear in the app. The consumer subsequently checks and confirms this information. To complete the transaction, the payer approves the iDEAL payment in the mobile banking app in the usual way, by using the mobile PIN code. If a consumer has not installed an active mobile banking app, the payment can also be completed through the bank’s mobile web pages. After the payment, the consumer will be automatically routed to the merchant’s mobile environment.

Is iDEAL QR safe and secure?

Yes, because the entire ecosystem that is used for iDEAL QR is controlled by iDEAL Partners. For this reason, iDEAL QR codes can only be issued by audited parties and systems, and scanned only by certified apps. This makes iDEAL QR just as secure as iDEAL itself.

What is the advantage of iDEAL QR?

With an iDEAL QR code, an iDEAL payment can be initiated in a physical environment. For example in the following situations:

- Doorstep donations;
- Paying an invoice;
- Paying for video on demand;
- Paying a bill at a restaurant or café;
- Transferring the payment from a PC or laptop to a mobile device.

The payment that is made is a ‘regular’ iDEAL payment, with iDEAL QR being just as fast, secure, and convenient as iDEAL mobile. Paying with iDEAL can be done anytime and anywhere. Consumers only need a smartphone or tablet. Moreover, the conversion of these payments is higher than with 'normal' iDEAL payments using internet or mobile banking. In addition, with iDEAL QR, organisations also get a payment guarantee if the transaction is completed successfully.