Welcome to iDEAL in3: Pay Smart, Spread Easily 

Discover iDEAL in3, the innovative payment method that allows you to easily pay for your online purchases in three instalments, without any extra charges. This payment option offers you the flexibility to make larger purchases without directly impacting your bank account. iDEAL in3 combines the convenience of iDEAL with the flexibility of spread payments, all under the trusted name of iDEAL.

How Does iDEAL in3 Work? 

  • Choose and Check: At checkout, you choose the iDEAL in3 option. We immediately assess your creditworthiness. 
  • First Payment & Dispatch: Once your application is approved, you pay the first part of the total amount. Your order is then dispatched immediately. 
  • Second & Third Payment: After the first payment, you will receive a reminder for the next instalments. You pay the second instalment 30 days later, followed by the final instalment 60 days after the first payment.

Benefits of iDEAL in3 

  • No Extra Charges: Paying with iDEAL in3 incurs no additional charges. You only pay the purchase amount, spread over three instalments. 
  • Flexibility: Large expenses no longer need to be postponed. With iDEAL in3, you can easily spread your purchase amount, without having to pay the full amount upfront. 
  • Safe and Trusted: Pay with the familiarity and safety of iDEAL, and enjoy the flexibility of spread payments without worries about hidden charges.

Who is iDEAL in3 For? 

iDEAL in3 is ideal for anyone who wants to spread the cost of larger purchases without paying extra. Whether you need a new laptop, want to refresh your wardrobe, or are considering another large purchase, iDEAL in3 makes it possible without financial stress.

Start Shopping Smarter Today!

Why wait for purchases that you need now? Opt for iDEAL in3 and experience the freedom of spread payments. Visit our product page for more information and discover how you can benefit from this smart payment method.

For questions or more information, consult our frequently asked questions.