iDEAL Checkout: The Future of Online Payments for Your Webshop

Revolutionise Your Checkout Experience 

With iDEAL Checkout, we offer a streamlined, fast, and secure payment experience that can increase your conversion and improve customer satisfaction. Make it easier than ever for your customers to complete their purchases with just a few clicks.

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This is how Checkout works

What is iDEAL Checkout? 

iDEAL Checkout is an innovative service that allows consumers to share their payment and shipping details quickly and securely while shopping online, with full control over their data. For merchants, this means higher conversion through a smoother checkout process.

The Benefits of iDEAL Checkout for Merchants 

  • Increased Conversion: Reduce shopping cart abandonment by eliminating lengthy checkout processes. 
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction: Offer your customers a quick and effortless payment experience. 
  • Safe and Trusted: iDEAL's proven safety measures protect both you and your customers. 
  • Simple Integration: Add iDEAL Checkout easily to your existing iDEAL payment setup.

How Does iDEAL Checkout Work? 

  • Activate: Customers who have set up their iDEAL profile choose iDEAL Checkout at checkout. 
  • Confirm: Customers give one-time permission to share their pre-saved details. 
  • Complete: The payment is completed, and the order is processed immediately.

Getting Started with iDEAL Checkout 

To add iDEAL Checkout to your webshop, you can get in touch with your Collecting Payment Service Provider (CPSP) or bank.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you have questions? We have answers. Discover everything you need to know about iDEAL Quick Order, from what it can mean for your webshop to how you can get started.

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