iDEAL Privacy & Cookie Statement

iDEAL is an online payment method with which you can make a payment (hereafter: the “iDEAL payment”), for instance after placing an order with a web shop or scanning a QR code on an invoice, via your own bank, payment institution or electronic money institution (hereafter: the “payment service provider”). 

When you make iDEAL payments, personal data about you will be processed. With respect to iDEAL payments, your payment service provider is the controller for the processing of your personal data. Other parties involved in the payment may also be the controller for the processing of your data. This could be the payment service provider of the person or organisation to whom or which you are transferring the money. Please refer to the privacy statements of these payment service providers (and other parties) for information on how they process your personal data. 

With regard to iDEAL payments, Currence iDEAL B.V. (“Currence” or “we”), having its registered office at Omval 300 in Amsterdam (Chamber of Commerce registration number: 3428168), processes your personal data as the processor for your payment service provider and other parties as referred to above.  

This Privacy & Cookie Statement provides more detailed information on aspects of the processing operations for which Currence is the controller. 

Personal data processing: categories, purposes and legal bases 

Currence is the controller for the processing of your personal data: 
- when you visit the website; and  
- when you contact Currence. 

In some cases - such as to be able to recognise you - personal data is created. You can read more about this below.  

Visits to the website 

Currence will collect and process the following categories of personal data when you visit the website

technical information about the equipment used to visit the website, such as the IP address, the MAC address and the software used and, depending on the browser cookie preference settings, the browsing behaviour on the Currence website(s). Currence will also collect information about the manner in which you use the website, in order to check the proper operation and clarity of the website and information on the duration and time of your visit to the website; and 

browser cookies: please refer to Browser cookies for more information on the processing of your personal data through the use of browser cookies. 

Currence will process the above personal data on the basis of its legitimate interest in ensuring the proper operation of the website(s) and viewing visitor statistics. The guideline in this context is that the impact on your privacy should be minimal and acceptable. Currence evaluates this at regular intervals. 

When you contact Currence 

Your rights describes when you can contact Currence (and when you should contact your payment service provider). When you contact Currence via, Currence will process the following categories of personal data: the information you provide when filling in a contact form, including your name, email address, IBAN, the name of the company for which your payment was intended, the name of the payment service provider with which you hold the bank account through which the iDEAL payment was made, the URL of the website, the 16-digit iDEAL transaction number, the transaction date and time, the amount and (where applicable) an explanation of the question. 

Currence will process the above personal data for the purpose of answering questions submitted via the contact form on the website.  

Sharing personal data with third parties 

In principle, Currence only shares your personal data with third parties if necessary. For example, (IT) suppliers who make it possible to store personal data, send or receive e-mails, in the context of fraud prevention or when taking security measures.   

 We have made clear arrangements on personal data processing with our suppliers, in order to ensure that this can be done in a secure and reliable manner.   

Your rights 

You have the right to: 
- obtain access to the personal data processed about you; 
- have your personal data changed if this data is no longer correct; 
- have your personal data deleted, if it appears that retention of your personal data is not or no longer necessary; 
- object to the processing of your personal data; 
- restrict the processing of your personal data. For example, while we are considering your request for removal, or if your personal data may be incorrect, if the processing is unlawful or if your personal data is no longer required for the purpose for which the data was collected; and 
- transmit your personal data to another party if this personal data is being processed with your consent, or is required for the implementation of an agreement to which you are a party. 

How you can exercise these rights is described in more detail below. 

Submission of your request 

Any requests relating to the personal data which we process when you visit the Currence website(s) can be addressed directly to Currence. You will find our contact details in here. 

If you want to exercise your rights in respect of other personal data, then please contact your payment service provider. If your payment service provider needs additional details, they will get in touch with us. 

Are you dissatisfied with the manner in which we process your personal data or handle your request? Then you can submit a complaint to the Dutch Data Protection Authority (“DPA”), based at Prins Clauslaan 60, 2995 AJ The Hague, The Netherlands. For more information, please refer to the DPA’s website:  

Retention periods 

Your personal data will not be retained any longer than is necessary for the above-mentioned purposes, unless the retention of this data is necessary in order to fulfil a statutory obligation.  

Contact form: The personal data entered into a contact form will be retained for a maximum period of two months, counting from the day on which the query or request was resolved. 

Visits to the website(s): The retention periods for personal data collected via browser cookies are set out in Browser cookies. 

If personal data needs to be retained beyond the expiry of the applicable retention period, Currence may issue a so-called ‘hold’ notice. Via a hold notice, the retention period may be extended if necessary, for example in the context of a dispute or an ongoing service request. This personal data need not be anonymised or deleted until the extended retention period has expired. 

Browser cookies 

As explained in Personal data processing, a browser cookie is a small data file kept on your browser. It ensures that you will be recognised the next time you use that device. On the website we only use the browser cookies to enable the use of the website (the “functional browser cookies”) and to obtain insight into your website visit (the “analytical browser cookies”). These browser cookies have little to no impact on your privacy. We do not use any commercial browser cookies of third parties. The website does not display any advertisements.  

Functional browser cookies 

Functional browser cookies are technically necessary for the proper operation of the website. For example, we use these browser cookies to remember your wishes regarding the use of browser cookies. Functional browser cookies cannot be disabled. 

The functional browser cookies that we use are:  


We use Session_ID browser cookies to remember the choices you make during your visit (such as the date filter for the core figures ( The Session_ID browser cookies are placed by our own Content Management System and are removed after the end of your visit. 


With this you give permission to accept cookies. This cookie is saved for 6 months. 

Analytical browser cookies  

When you first visit our website, an analytical browser cookie will be placed. On your next visit, the browser cookie will remember that you visited the website before. The sole purpose of the browser cookie is to obtain insight into the number of website visitors and the manner in which our website is used. The browser cookie collects technical information about the device used to visit the website. This information enables us to better align the layout, content and operation of the website with the behaviour of the visitors to our website.  

The analytical browser cookies for iDEAL are:  

_pk_id.6.cf48, pk_ref.6.cf48, _pk_ses.6.cf48  

These are browser cookies that are used to improve the website by viewing visitor statistics, such as the duration of use. This information helps us assess whether the website meets the visitor’s expectations. These cookies are saved for 6 months (apart from _pk_ses.6.cf48, which is saved until the end of the session).  

Security measures 

We have taken technical and organisational measures to be able to process your personal data in a secure manner. These security measures are intended to protect your personal data against, among other things, unlawful destruction, loss, alteration and disclosure, and comprise the following: 

- the encryption of your personal data; 
- the use of access management, which is regularly updated; 
- the use of logging; and 
- the classification and monitoring of IT security risks. 

Amendments to the Privacy & Cookie Statement 

We may amend this Privacy & Cookie Statement from time to time. We therefore recommend that you check it regularly, so that you will be aware of any changes. This Privacy & Cookie Statement was most recently amended on 24th February 2023. 

Questions and contact details 

If you have any questions about this Privacy & Cookie Statement, the manner in which we process your personal data, or if you want to submit a request to exercise your privacy rights or if you have other privacy-related questions, please contact our Data Protection Officer via  

Alternatively, you can send us a letter to the following address:  

Currence iDEAL B.V. 
FAO Data Privacy Officer 
Postbus 95301
1090 HH Amsterdam.  

Our Data Privacy Officer will handle your query as soon as possible and inform you in what manner and within what period it will be resolved. 

iDEAL Privacy & Cookie Statement