iDEAL is a secure payment method. Although iDEAL is very secure as a payment method, due to its popularity, fraudsters can exploit it. This might involve misuse of our logo through phishing emails or invoice fraud, and sometimes scams where an actual iDEAL payment is made.

What forms of fraud exist with iDEAL?

We identify three main categories of fraud involving iDEAL.

- Scams where you as an iDEAL user approve the payments yourself, such as bank helpdesk scams and request-for-assistance scams.
- Scams via rogue online shops.
- Fraud where a fraudster, through a phishing email or malware, gains access to your banking environment and authorises payments from your account.

Preventing Fraud

iDEAL collaborates with banks, payment institutions, and investigative agencies to prevent fraud. You can also make a difference by taking the following precautions:

· Always be cautious about where you provide your details.
· Protect the devices you use for iDEAL payments from viruses.
· Stay informed about the latest scam tactics.
· Always verify the payment information before approving an iDEAL payment.
· Report suspicious emails to your bank. 

Also, review the police's list of known rogue traders.

For the most current information on preventing fraud, visit your bank's website. In addition to your bank's website, the following sites also offer useful information on fraud prevention:,

If you've fallen victim to fraud, report it to your bank as soon as possible.