iDEAL Refreshed: Profile Creation and Speedy Checkout

AMSTERDAM, 15 April 2024 – From today, consumers can for the first time create an account with iDEAL. This account enables quicker and more secure completion of online purchases. It also offers benefits for online retailers in the form of improved conversions and increased customer satisfaction. Annually, 1.3 billion transactions are processed through iDEAL, accounting for 73% of all Dutch online purchases.

This is how iDEAL Checkout works

iDEAL has made this move so that consumers and online retailers can experience a faster and more secure checkout. Speed is achieved as webshops receive address details directly from the iDEAL profile, leading to higher conversions and customer satisfaction. It is more secure because consumer data is stored in the stable iDEAL system and not separately with each online retailer. Consumers and online retailers will not incur additional charges for these new iDEAL features. Furthermore, data will only be shared with the consumer's consent. The rollout of the iDEAL profile will be phased: ING customers can create an iDEAL profile from 17 April, ABN AMRO customers at a later determined date, and customers at other banks from today. 

Innovation and Future Focus
The changes at iDEAL have been driven by consumer demand and webshop owners. Daniel van Delft, CEO of Currence, the brand owner of iDEAL: “iDEAL has always been a quick and convenient way to make and receive payments. With the addition of profiles, we aim to take this a step further. Gone are the days when address details must be filled in with every purchase. Consumers with an iDEAL profile can share not only their payment details but also, with permission, their address with online retailers. This makes for an even smoother payment experience.” 

Improved Conversions for Online Retailers 
For online retailers, the new features of iDEAL provide several advantages, including better conversion rates. The quicker checkout process means that customers need to go through fewer steps to complete their purchases. 

Traditional iDEAL Payment Method Remains Available 
It remains possible for consumers to make payments using the traditional iDEAL payment method, which does not require an account. This flexibility ensures that iDEAL users have the freedom to choose the payment method that best suits their needs.

What is the iDEAL profile?

The iDEAL profile is a new feature that allows you to securely store your payment preferences and delivery details with your bank. This information can then be shared with one click when shopping online, making the payment process quicker and more personal.

Is using the iDEAL profile mandatory?

No, using the iDEAL profile is entirely optional. You can still make iDEAL payments as you're accustomed to, but the iDEAL profile offers extra convenience and speed for online purchases.

How secure is my iDEAL profile?

Security is paramount at iDEAL. Your iDEAL profile is secured by your bank, with the same high security standards that apply to all your banking. Your personal details are only shared with online stores after you have explicitly given permission.

What is iDEAL Checkout

With the iDEAL Checkout button, you can speed up the checkout process as your delivery details are shared with the merchant at the same time as the iDEAL payment. This means you no longer need to fill in your address or email address yourself.

Is iDEAL Checkout safe?

Yes, iDEAL Checkout is safe. iDEAL recognises the consumer and knows their preferences. The consumer always decides whether to use these services and thus retains control over their data.

How does iDEAL protect my privacy with iDEAL Checkout?

iDEAL takes your privacy seriously. When you use iDEAL Checkout, your details are processed securely and encrypted. iDEAL ensures that only the necessary information is shared with the webshop to complete your order. You always have control over which details you share and can adjust your settings in your iDEAL profile via your bank.