iDEAL Integrates Spread Payments with iDEAL in3

Amsterdam, 4 April 2024 – Payment solution iDEAL now also offers iDEAL in3, a payment option that allows consumers to spread the cost of online purchases over three instalments. The revenue model of iDEAL in3 is based on a fixed fee per transaction rather than aiming for the highest possible percentage of non-paying customers.

iDEAL and the Eindhoven-based FinTech company in3 have integrated their payment solutions following a successful pilot phase that tested how Dutch consumers and merchants received and used this new payment option, iDEAL in3. With iDEAL in3, consumers can pay for online purchases in three instalments. The consumer pays one-third of the purchase amount upfront at the time of purchase and the remaining two parts within 30 and 60 days, respectively. There are no fees for using this payment method, and the consumer does not owe any interest on an outstanding amount.

Benefit from Paying Customers 

In the world of post-payment, iDEAL in3 operates with a business model different from the known ones. Hans Langenhuizen, CEO at in3: "We do not benefit from consumers who neglect their bills or cannot pay, but rather from paying customers. We do not earn money through rising collection costs or interest on an outstanding amount. We charge a fixed fee per transaction to the online store, and they benefit from a higher conversion rate. Beyond that, there is no revenue model. Indeed, a higher percentage of non-paying users costs our organisation money."

Changing Payment Behaviour 

Amos Kater, Chief Product Officer at Currence iDEAL: “iDEAL is expanding to respond to changes in the way consumers shop and pay. People are increasingly looking for convenience and finding flexibility in the timing of payments more important. With iDEAL in3, we offer users a responsible and user-friendly way of spread payments. The first part of the purchase amount is paid immediately, the rest follows later. Especially the transparency offered by in3, that users must be eighteen years or older, and preventing over-crediting are important reasons for us to offer this solution in partnership with in3."

How iDEAL in3 Works

  1. The customer opts for spread payments via the iDEAL in3 payment option. If the details at checkout are complete, in3 assesses the customer's creditworthiness in a split second.
  2. Upon approval, customers pay the first instalment immediately with iDEAL. Upon successful payment, the order is immediately dispatched.
  3. After the first payment, the customer receives an email with the payment details for the second and third instalments. Customers pay the second instalment 30 days after this first payment and the final instalment after 60 days.


About the Pilot 

During the pilot, 3,968 transactions were made. The online stores involved in the pilot continue to operate with iDEAL in3, thereby increasing the number to a total of 7,198 transactions. iDEAL in3 is rated as “excellent” on Trustpilot, receiving a TrustScore of 4.8 out of five based on 239 reviews.