iDEAL launches pilot with in3

iDEAL (part of Currence) and in3 have launched a pilot giving consumers the option to 'pay in three instalments' via the reliable payment method iDEAL. The aim of the pilot is to test how Dutch consumers receive and use spread payments with iDEAL.

In3 allows consumers to pay for purchases in three instalments, with no extra costs or interest for the buyer. In3 is a so-called instalment payment solution (IPS), where you pay a part directly in advance. Online sellers benefit from higher conversion rates and a higher average sale price with in3. With in3, consumers pay in instalments, in three equal instalments. This payment method is a unique payment service without costs and BKR registration.

Payment service provider Buckaroo is involved in the pilot together with some of its online retailers.

Only buy with iDEAL in3 if you are sure you can pay the outstanding amounts on time.

More information about iDEAL in3 can be found here.