Welcome to the FAQ page of iDEAL Checkout. Whether you're new to iDEAL Checkout or already acquainted with what we offer, it's natural to have inquiries regarding our service's operation. Here, you'll discover responses to many common questions.


Zo werkt iDEAL Snel bestellen

iDEAL Checkout frequently asked questions

What is iDEAL Checkout

With the iDEAL Checkout button, you can speed up the checkout process as your delivery details are shared with the merchant at the same time as the iDEAL payment. This means you no longer need to fill in your address or email address yourself.

How does iDEAL Checkout work for the buyer?

You save your delivery details in your iDEAL profile via your bank. At participating webshops, you click on the iDEAL Checkout button. iDEAL displays the stored contact and delivery details and shares them with the webshop upon approval of the payment, making the order and payment process much shorter.

How does iDEAL Checkout work for the merchant?
  1. The merchant adds the iDEAL Checkout button to their webshop on the product page or at the shopping cart. 
  2. The customer selects iDEAL Checkout in the webshop or checkout and checks the contact and delivery details displayed by iDEAL. Upon approval of the payment, the merchant receives the details from iDEAL.
What are the benefits of iDEAL Checkout for me as a user?

Users enjoy greater convenience and additional services with payment via their own trusted bank, such as payment based on personal preferences, more services linked to an iDEAL payment, and an easy and familiar personal iDEAL profile through their own bank.

Is iDEAL Checkout safe?

Yes, iDEAL Checkout is safe. iDEAL recognises the consumer and knows their preferences. The consumer always decides whether to use these services and thus retains control over their data.

Is my payment through iDEAL Checkout just as safe as a standard iDEAL payment?

Yes, iDEAL Checkout offers the same high security standard as a standard iDEAL payment. iDEAL uses advanced security protocols to ensure that your transactions are safe. Moreover, you must always approve the payment in your bank app, just like with a regular iDEAL payment, adding an extra layer of security.

How does iDEAL protect my privacy with iDEAL Checkout?

iDEAL takes your privacy seriously. When you use iDEAL Checkout, your details are processed securely and encrypted. iDEAL ensures that only the necessary information is shared with the webshop to complete your order. You always have control over which details you share and can adjust your settings in your iDEAL profile via your bank.

What is the difference between iDEAL Checkout and a regular iDEAL payment?

The main difference between iDEAL Checkout and a regular iDEAL payment lies in the ordering and payment process. With iDEAL Checkout, your delivery details, stored in your iDEAL profile, are automatically shared with the webshop as soon as you approve the payment. This makes the checkout process faster because you do not have to manually enter your address and contact details. With a regular iDEAL payment, it's purely about paying for the order without the automatic sharing of delivery details.

Can I choose between iDEAL Checkout and a regular iDEAL payment?

Yes, you always have a choice. If a webshop offers both the iDEAL Checkout button and the standard iDEAL payment option, you can choose which method you prefer at checkout. If you opt for iDEAL Checkout, your stored delivery details are used for a faster checkout. If you choose a regular iDEAL payment, you go through the standard payment process without sharing delivery details.

Can I change my delivery details for iDEAL Checkout?

Yes, you can change your delivery details at any time via your iDEAL profile in the app or online environment of your bank. This ensures that your details are always up-to-date and reflect where you want to receive your order.

What happens if I use iDEAL Checkout at a webshop where I have never ordered before?

Even then, iDEAL Checkout makes the process easier. Because your delivery details are already stored in your iDEAL profile, you do not need to re-enter them at the webshop. This speeds up the process, even at stores where you are buying for the first time. It's a convenient way to make quick and secure online purchases without having to enter your details repeatedly.