iDEAL is based on internet/mobile banking and uses the same security techniques. This means that iDEAL is as secure and reliable as internet and mobile banking. As a consumer you can also make sure that you are using internet and mobile banking in a secure way. The Dutch Payments Association developed the website ‘’. This website provides you with all the steps you can take as a consumer to guarantee secure banking online.

If you receive an iDEAL payment link, you have to make sure you make the payment in a safe way. The text below describes the characteristics of a safe and secure payment:

How do you recognize the email?

  • The email address of the sender must be the same as the email address of the company that sends you the email link, or of a third party company that processes the payment on behalf of the company. This means that the text after the @-sign is exactly the same as the website of the company. For example: if the email of the sender is, then the address of the website should be
  • The email must be sent by a company that you know and that you have agreed with to receive emails with an iDEAL link. If this is not the case, please contact the company and find out why you have received the payment request.
  • In the email you will find a hyperlink. If you click on this link, your web browser will automatically open the website of the company, or of a third party (payment service provider) that processes the payment on behalf of the company. If the latter is the case, then the name of the third party must be mentioned in the email that you have received.

What are the characteristics of the web page?

  • It contains a clear description of the product or service that you ordered.
  • The web page is secure. Depending on your web browser you can see the characteristics that show how secure the page is. The address bar (URL) always starts with https://. This shows that the website is secure. All web browsers offer you the possibility to check if you are actually on the website of the right organization.
  • On the web page you can choose the payment method.
  • To be absolutely sure, please check whether the beneficiary and the amount is equal to what you have agreed with the company.

You can never pay twice!

  • You can not pay with iDEAL anymore when the payment term, that is determined by the company, is expired. Also when you have already paid with iDEAL, you can never start the same payment again. A trustworthy company will never allow you to succesfully pay the same payment request twice.

For more information about safe banking, please consult ‘’, or the website of your bank.

Secure online shopping

When you order products or services online, you want to do this at a trustworthy webshop or company. Therefore, please make sure that the webshop or company is a trustworthy party, before you go ahead with the order. On the internet you can find many comparison-websites. On these websites, or by using a simple Google search, you can easily find what consumers and experts are thinking and writing about the webshops.

You can alwas use this rule of thumb: “If someting is too good to be true, do not go ahead with the order and payment.”

It is also good to know that specific legal rules and regulations apply for webshops. On the website you will find all practical information and advise about your rights as an online consumer.