Consumer terms and conditions iDEAL in3


When you buy a product (the Purchase) from a seller (the Store), you make agreements with that Store. Those agreements between you and the Store are not set out in this document.

This document contains only the agreements you make with us. We are iDEAL in3. iDEAL in3 is the name of the payment method offered by In3 NL B.V. We are officially located at Meerenakkerweg 1a, 5652 AR in Eindhoven. In3 NL B.V. is registered in the trade register of the Chamber of Commerce under number 59234784. The VAT number of In3 NL B.V. is NL853381082B01.

With iDEAL in3, you can pay for your Purchase in three equal instalments:

- You pay the first instalment immediately upon purchase;
- You pay the second instalment no later than 30 days later;
- You pay the third instalment no later than 60 days later.

You can only choose to pay with iDEAL in3 if the Shop has made arrangements with us to offer our payment method.

When you choose to pay with iDEAL in3 for your Purchase, you make the following agreements with us:

1. Your Purchase

By making the Purchase at the Shop, the Shop obtains a claim on you (the Claim). The Shop sends you an invoice or provides you with a purchase receipt.

The Purchase is subject to the terms you agree with the Shop.

During the Shop's ordering process, you can opt to pay via iDEAL in3. If you choose this, you apply with iDEAL in3 (the Application). In these Consumer Conditions, you make additional agreements with us about the payment method you use for the Purchase.

2. Your Request

By making a request with us, iDEAL in3, you declare the following:

- Your delivery address and billing address are in the Netherlands and are not a P.O. box or service point;
- You are 18 years or older and authorized to make the Purchase (capable of acting);
- You have not been declared bankrupt or placed under guardianship or administration, and no debt restructuring scheme applies to you. In addition, no application has been made for this; and
- All (personal) data that you have provided to the Store or to us are correct and complete. Furthermore, you will make payments from your account.

When you submit the Request, you ask us to immediately execute the (payment) agreement between you and us if we approve your Request.

3. Evaluation of the Request by iDEAL in3

After we have received your Request, we assess your Request.

If we reject your Request, we will let you know. We do not need to state why we reject the Request. If we reject your Request and you still want to make the Purchase, you will have to find another way to pay the Store.

When evaluating the Request, we also check your creditworthiness. We do this automatically. See the privacy statement under this link for more information about the processing of your data by iDEAL in3.

4. If iDEAL in3 approves the Request

If we approve your Request, we will let you know. We may attach certain conditions to our approval. If specific conditions apply, we will inform you.

If we approve your Request, an agreement is established between you and us (iDEAL in3). These Consumer Conditions are part of that agreement. You can always look up these Consumer Conditions on the iDEAL in3 website and easily save them as a PDF or request them from us again (for free). Your agreement with us ends automatically once you have paid the total outstanding amount.

If we approve the Request, it does not mean that your creditworthiness is good. You are responsible for your own creditworthiness. You must therefore assess for yourself whether payment with iDEAL in3 fits your situation and the Purchase, and whether you can really pay the Installments (as defined below). If you think you (might) not be able to pay the Installments, you should not apply for iDEAL in3.

5. If you change your mind

If the Request has not yet been approved by us and you no longer want to use iDEAL in3, you can withdraw the Request by canceling the Purchase and not paying the first Installment to us.

If the Request has already been approved by us, you have already paid the first Installment, and you no longer wish to use iDEAL in3, you may always immediately pay the full amount to iDEAL in3. Your agreement with us then ends.

If you want to revoke the Purchase, article 8 below explains how to do that.

6. Transfer to iDEAL in3

If we approve your Request, you have to pay the Claim to iDEAL in3. This happens through a cession of the Claim (a transfer of the Claim) by the Store to iDEAL in3. You will receive notification of this cession.

7. Three installments

To use iDEAL in3, you agree with us that you no longer have to pay the entire amount at once for the Purchase.

Instead, we obtain three claims (Installments) on you that together are equal to the Claim. You must pay the first Installment immediately upon Purchase. You pay the second Installment no later than 30 days afterward. The third Installment is due no later than 60 days after the Purchase. You do not pay any interest or fees.

And you agree to pay the Claim by paying the Installments. Every time you pay an Installment, the Claim decreases just like the Installment by the paid amount. This continues until there are no more Installments and Claims left. So if you pay all the Installments on time, you will never have to deal with the Claim again and have met your payment obligation.

8. Returns

If you want to return or revoke the Purchase, you need to contact the Store.

As long as the Store does not approve your return, you remain obliged to pay us on time and in full.

If you return the Purchase (partially or fully) and the Store approves your return, then the Claim and the Installments are reduced by the return amount. As far as the second and third Installments are still outstanding, these Installments are reduced in the following order: first the third Installment and then the second Installment.

If the return amount is greater than the outstanding Instalments, you will receive the surplus back from us in the bank account from which you paid the first Installment. If we do not know from which bank account you paid the first instalment, we will inform you and provide you with instructions on how to provide us with your bank account details. If you have provided your bank account details according to the instructions, we will deposit the surplus back into that bank account.

9. How you should and can pay

You can always pay the remaining Installments early without additional costs.

For example, we may request this if there were inaccuracies in your Request or if we need to do so under the law, other rules, or instructions from regulators.

You can only pay the Installments and the Claim to us via: (i) the payment link you receive from us for that purpose, (ii) the payment button in our App, or (iii) by following other specific instructions from us.

The person who pays the first Installment to us has entered into the agreement as referred to in article 4.2. with us and is responsible for the timely payments of the second and third Installments. If you paid the first Installment on behalf of someone else or if you let someone else pay the first Installment, you, along with that other person, are fully responsible for the payments of the second and third Installments.

10. If you do not pay or pay late

The date on which we receive your payment on our bank account is considered the payment date. Therefore, you should take into account any processing time from banks. If you pay late, the delay is at your expense and risk.

If you do not pay on time, we will send you a reminder and/or notice of default with a new payment deadline. If you still haven't paid after that payment period has expired, for example, we may engage a collection agency. When we engage a collection agency to collect outstanding amounts, you may, among other things, face statutory collection costs.

If you haven't paid all the Installments after 60 days, an amount is still outstanding. The Claim and the unpaid Installments still exist. If you pay the open amount under the Installments, the Claim decreases by the same amount until the Claim is fully settled.

11. Communication and complaints

If you have questions or messages for us, you can send them by email to You can also call us at 088-3993399.

You can also submit any complaint via the European ODR platform at:

For questions, complaints, or other messages about the Purchase or its delivery, you cannot contact iDEAL in3. For that, you need to contact the Store.

If your address or email address changes, you must inform us immediately. If you do not, we won't know that you have a different (email) address and will continue using the old one. If as a result, you do not receive or receive our messages late, that's at your expense and risk.

We are authorized to communicate with you electronically. Messages can also be sent by email or via your account in our in3 App. We communicate with you in Dutch, and your agreement with us is also concluded in Dutch.

12. Information

If the information you provided to the Store or us is incorrect or incomplete, you are liable for any damage we may suffer as a result.

We can always request further information in connection with the implementation of laws and regulations. You must provide any information we request immediately.

13. Exclusion of liability

We are not liable for any damage you suffer, unless the damage is our responsibility by mandatory law.

If we are liable for damage you suffer, we are only liable for direct loss. We are never liable for any indirect damage, such as lost profits, missed savings, or delay damage.

14. Transfer to Aion Bank SA/NV

We transfer the Claim and the Installments to Aion Bank SA/NV. This is done by cession by iDEAL in3 to Aion Bank SA/NV. You hereby receive notification of this cession. You can find Aion Bank SA/NV's privacy policy here:

This cession does not change anything about article 9.3 above. You can still only pay the Installments to iDEAL in3 via: (i) the payment link you receive from us for that purpose, (ii) the payment button in our App, or (iii) by following other specific instructions from us.

15. Dutch law and Dutch court

Dutch law applies to your agreement with us and all non-contractual obligations related to it.

The Dutch court has exclusive jurisdiction to hear disputes related to your agreement with us and all non-contractual obligations related to it.