The official iDEAL mobile logos are featured here. They are static images that you can download and post on your own webserver or include in your app.

Different banner and logo formats are available to choose from for mobile websites and apps. There is plenty of choice to match the design of your webshop. You can use the square banners with slogans in positions where advertisements are displayed. The rectangular logos can be used as icons or pictograms or integrated in a payment button.

We offer each banner or logo in two file types:

  • as a GIF (Graphics Interchange Format);
  • as a PNG (Portable Network Graphics).

You can also download a compressed zip file containing several banners or logos. This is particularly useful if you would like to use several formats in your website or app.

The banner sizes are suitable for most common smartphone screen formats. They are available in two formats: narrow rectangular banners with a slogan on three lines and wide rectangular banners with the slogan on two line.

Wide rectangular banners with slogan on three lines:

These banner sizes follow the Mobile Advertising Guidelines of the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA). They are suitable for common screen sizes on mobile phones.

iDEAL_120x30_triple 120 x 30px GIF | PNG
iDEAL_168x42_triple 168 x 42px GIF | PNG
iDEAL_216x54_triple 216 x 54px GIF | PNG
iDEAL_300x75_triple 300 x 75px GIF | PNG

Narrow rectangular banners with slogan on two lines:

These banner sizes also follow the Mobile Advertising Guidelines of the MMA. They are lower and need less vertical space. The slogan uses a smaller font and fits on two lines.

iDEAL_168x28_double 168 x 28px GIF | PNG
iDEAL_216x36_double 216 x 36px GIF | PNG
iDEAL_300x50_double 300 x 50px GIF | PNG

ZIP-files with the complete range of wide and narrow rectangular banners:


Square logos:

The square logos below have no slogan. They can be used in buttons or as icons, amongst others. For instance, the 57x57 and 114x114 pixel sizes are suitable as app buttons on the iPhone 3 and iPhone 4, respectively.

iDEAL_16x16 16 x 16px GIF | PNG
iDEAL_24x24 24 x 24px GIF | PNG
iDEAL_32x32 32 x 32px GIF | PNG
iDEAL_48x48 48 x 48px GIF | PNG
iDEAL_57x57 57 x 57px GIF | PNG
iDEAL_64x64 64 x 64px GIF | PNG
iDEAL_96x96 96 x 96px GIF | PNG
iDEAL_114x114 114 x 114px GIF | PNG
iDEAL_128x128 128 x 128px GIF | PNG
iDEAL_144x144 144 x 144px GIF | PNG
iDEAL_512x512 512 x 512px GIF | PNG
iDEAL_1024x1024 1024 x 1024px GIF | PNG

ZIP-files with the complete range of square logos: