Online payment method iDEAL has reached a new milestone. Thanks to a considerable increase in the number of iDEAL payments, the magical threshold of half a billion iDEAL payments was passed at the end of November. It has become the most widely-used online payment method for e-commerce, being used more than 13 million times per month for online transactions. This is an increase of around 20% compared to last year.

Growth in number of iDEAL payments accelerating

iDEAL has been in existence for 8 years now, is currently generating 140 million payments per annum, and as a result has given a huge boost to the turnover of webshops.
“The growth in the number of iDEAL payments is also accelerating. The first milestone of 250 million transactions was reached after a period of six years. Only two years was needed to double this,” says Piet Mallekoote, director of Currence, owner of iDEAL. “In view of the growth and development of iDEAL, we expect that the milestone of 1 billion iDEAL payments will be reached in the summer of 2016.” Consumers and merchants are seeing clear benefits in the use of iDEAL: safe, fast and user-friendly.

This year, a mobile version of iDEAL became available, for m-commerce payments using smart phones or tablets. This is already very popular with users, and Currence therefore expects that the number of transactions for m-commerce will greatly increase.


Graph iDEAL payments


Increase in number of foreign parties

The number of foreign payment institutions offering iDEAL to foreign webshops also continued to increase in 2013. iDEAL is now being used in more than 50 countries. In Belgium, for example, iDEAL is accepted as a payment option in half of all webshops. This enables Dutch consumers making cross-border purchases also to pay safely and easily using iDEAL.