1. Source: iDEAL

    iDEAL leading payment method on mobiles

    Online payment method iDEAL has strengthened its leading position in the Netherlands by growing 33,8 percent in 2017. More than half of all iDEAL payments are now made in mobile banking apps.

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  2. Source: Betaalvereniging Nederland

    iDEAL payments catapulted in 2015

    The iDEAL online payment product broke records again in 2015. Last year, iDEAL was used more than 222 million times, a year-on-year increase of 23.2 percent (2014: 180.2 million).

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  3. Source: Currence

    Online payment method iDEAL reaches new milestone

    Online payment method iDEAL has reached a new milestone. Thanks to a considerable increase in the number of iDEAL payments, the magical threshold of half a billion iDEAL payments was passed at the end of November.

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