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    • How can I check if a webshop is trustworthy?

      To verify the reliability of online stores, you can check out the online shopscan on Consuwijzer.nl, an initiative of the Dutch Consumer & Market Authority (Autoriteit Consument & Markt, ACM). The ACM is the body that oversees compliance with consumer law and is part of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation. Additionally, you can read about other people’s experiences of online stores on comparison websites. You can also use Google to search what other people on the internet have to say about a particular webshop.

      Finally, you can apply the following rule of thumb: if something looks too good to be true, it probably is.

    • I have made a payment, how can I be sure that I have actually paid?

      When you pay using iDEAL, confirmation from your bank will appear on your screen after you have given
      your approval. The payment will also appear immediately in your account balance in your online banking environment.

    • I have paid, but how can I be sure that the online retailer has received the payment?

      The online retailer will always receive a message about the status of the payment to enable it to check
      that the payment has been processed successfully. As soon as it has received confirmation, it will issue its own order confirmation.

    • I have found a product on a website such as Marktplaats.nl. Can I use iDEAL to pay other people?

      No, iDEAL can only be used for online payments between a consumer and a webshop/organisation.

    • I bought a ticket for an event using iDEAL, but never received the ticket/the ticket did not allow me admission to the event.

      It is not possible to reverse an iDEAL payment. During the payment process, you are specifically requested to approve a payment. Based on your request/action in online banking, your bank then authorises an iDEAL payment. When you approve this payment request, this action by the bank cannot be reversed at your initiative.

      Regardless of the payment method you use for a “remote purchase”, you have certain rights as a consumer. According to the “remote purchase” regulations, separate rules apply for online ticket sales. On the Dutch ConsuWijzer website, you can read all about these rules.

      If in doubt, check the website weetwaarjekoopt before buying any tickets. This site is an initiative set up by performers and concert organisers and includes an up-to-date list of trustworthy websites, including those of Mojo and Paradiso.

    • I suspect that I am a victim of cyber criminals. What should I do?

      If there appears to be a form of fraud you should contact your bank. So your bank
      can take measures when something appears to be wrong. Furthermore it can be
      reported online to the police via the complaints desk Internet fraud.

    • After making an iDEAL payment, I made a bank transfer to the webshop using the account number listed in the iDEAL payment, but the webshop did not receive the additional payment.

      For iDEAL payments, a webshop/organisation can use an intermediary account at a bank or a Collecting Payment Service Provider. However you cannot simply assume that the account number into which the iDEAL payment was made is also the account number of the webshop/organisation.  Generally, this standard transfer will be refunded within several days. If that does not happen, we advise you to contact your own bank.

      Your bank can then use the 16-figure iDEAL transaction number listed alongside your payment to find out where it has gone.

    • I have an online banking account with ING but can’t yet use iDEAL.

      The payment feature in MijnING.nl has not been activated. You can pay using iDEAL immediately if you
      have access to MijnING.nl and the payment feature has been activated. Contact ING to have the payment feature activated.

    • I want to stop/block iDEAL.

      We advise you to contact your bank.

    • Is iDEAL only intended for use in the Netherlands or can it also be used in other countries?

      If a webshop in another country offers iDEAL as a method of payment on its website, you can pay for
      your online purchases using iDEAL.

    • Is iDEAL really secure?

      iDEAL is based on online banking and uses the same security techniques. This means that iDEAL is just as secure as online banking.

    • Can I pay with iDEAL straight away?

      You can pay with iDEAL as soon as you have access to online banking at one of the participating banks. You do not have to register separately.

    • Where can I find answers to my other questions about iDEAL?

      If you have questions about a specific iDEAL payment, you can contact your own bank.

      • ABN AMRO: 0900 – 0024
      • ASN Bank: 0800 – 0380 (Monday to Friday 8.30 to 17.00)
      • bunq: Do you have a question for us? Contact us through the support section in the app!
      • ING: 020 22 888 88
      • Knab: 020-303 1600 (Service Desk: Monday to Sunday from 8.00 to 22.00)
      • Rabobank: 0900 – 0905
      • RegioBank: 0800 – 0411
      • SNS Bank: 030 – 633 3000
      • Triodos Bank: 030 693 65 11 (Information & Advice Department: Monday to Friday from 8.00 to 18.00)
      • Van Lanschot Client Services: 0800-1737
    • Which banks offer iDEAL?

      iDEAL is offered by ABN AMRO, ASN Bank, bunq, ING, Knab, Rabobank, RegioBank, SNS bank, Triodos
      Bank and Van Lanschot Bankiers. Consumers who bank online with these banks can pay with iDEAL immediately.

    • Whom can I contact if I have problems with the service or delivery by an online shop after a purchase paid for with iDEAL?

      If you have a complaint about the order itself, for example about the delivery of your order, you can contact the online retailer with which you placed the order and try to solve a problem that way.

      iDEAL is not a quality hallmark: just like any other payment method, it is separate from the actual delivery or service provided by the online retailer. The option to pay with iDEAL or the visibility of the logo provides no guarantee in respect of the reliability and service of the delivery of the online shop.

      If you are not successful in solving this yourself with the online retailer, check whether the webshop is a member of Thuiswinkel.org. You can complete a complaints form on their website.

      You can also consult the ConsuWijzer website operated by the Dutch Consumer Authority for practical advice on your rights when shopping online. You can also use the complaints form there if you wish to submit a complaint about a webshop.

      If it appears to be a case of fraud, you can report it online to the police using the Internet Fraud Complaints Desk.

    • Why does a webshop charge consumers for making an iDEAL payment?

      As a consumer, you do not have to pay bank charges when paying with iDEAL. However, stores, whether online or not, and regardless of the payment method, are free to charge for using it. This is permitted by law, providing that it is announced before the final payment. Most webshops opt not to charge for iDEAL, in order to encourage its use. This has nothing to do with iDEAL itself.

    • Why is there a strange name on my bank statement?

      The iDEAL payment description always includes the name of the organisation you paid. However, some organisations outsource the collection of payments to third parties. These third parties are known as Collecting Payment Service Providers (CPSP). In that case, it will be the name of the CPSP that is listed first on your account statement. This does not affect you. The CPSP will ensure that the right party
      receives your payment. An overview of the names of the escrows organization as shown on the statement of consumers you will find here.

    • Can I reverse an iDEAL payment?

      It is not possible to reverse an iDEAL payment. During the payment process, you are specifically asked to approve a payment within your online banking environment. The amount is immediately deducted from your account. Just like a transfer or a direct debit payment in a shop, the payment is processed within a few seconds of your approval.

      That means that it is not possible to demand that the payment be reversed after it has been approved, just like a direct debit payment.

      If you wish to take advantage of your right to cancel your “remote purchase” you can insist that the online retailer abides by the statutory rules that apply in such cases.

    • The online retailer claims it has not received my payment. What should I do?

      If your account balance shows that you have paid, but the online retailer says it has not received payment, the online retailer should contact its own bank. To do this, it needs the following details:

      • the 16-figure iDEAL transaction number listed in your account balance;
      • the amount;
      • the date/time that you made the payment.

      All of this information together can be found in the description field for the relevant payment. The online retailer can use this information to make enquiries at its bank.

      If you are not successful in solving this yourself with the online retailer, contact your own bank. It is then up to your bank to provide further assistance in identifying where the error occurred. It is also important to have the 16-figure iDEAL transaction number to hand for this purpose.

    • Does iDEAL also work on smartphones or tablets?

      iDEAL works on all mobile devices that have an internet connection and web browser. Some banks have developed a special version of iDEAL that is more convenient to use on smartphones and tablets or that enables payments using the mobile banking app.

      For more information, read the details on mobile iDEAL payments for consumers.

    • While making my iDEAL payment, I received an error message and made another iDEAL payment. The amount has now been deducted from my account twice. What should I do?

      You can contact the online retailer to find out if it has received a double payment and ask it to refund one of the payments.

      If the online retailer has not received the amount, you can contact your bank. Your bank can provide you with further assistance and find out the status of the payment. Make sure that you have the 16-figure iDEAL transaction number listed in your account balance to hand.

    • While making my iDEAL payment, I received an error message. However, the amount payable has been deducted from my account and the online retailer has not received the money. What should I do?

      Contact your bank. Your bank can provide you with further assistance and find out the status of the payment. Make sure that you have the 16-figure iDEAL transaction number listed in your account balance to hand.

    • Is iDEAL supported by all internet browsers?

      iDEAL is supported by all browsers that are also supported by online banking. That includes the most
      frequently-used browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Firefox. If you encounter problems using iDEAL in combination with your browser, we recommend you contact the online banking helpdesk at your bank.