If you sell products or services online, iDEAL is the ideal way of enabling your customers to pay swiftly and securely. More than 10 million Dutch customers have access to online banking and can pay using iDEAL. In this section, we offer recommendations and tips on making iDEAL payments convenient for you and your customers.

Optimising your online checkout system

iDEAL has conducted research in partnership with the Dutch home-shopping organisation
Thuiswinkel.org into the best way of organising an online checkout system. You can use the recommendations from that research to put your online checkout system to the test. If your online checkout system is organised effectively, this reduces costs and leads to a higher visit-to-order conversion rate.


  • Offer payment options that match your customers’ preferences.
  • Process any orders paid for using iDEAL as quickly as possible, because you know that payment is guaranteed.
  • It makes sense to consider outsourcing payment activities to a Payment Service Provider even if the number of transactions is low.
  • Before you decide on outsourcing, check whether services are offered separately or as part of a package.
  • When selecting services and providers, bear in mind that your payment transactions may increase in number.

This research was presented by Currence at the Online Payment Congress on 5 March 2013. For more background information, you can download the presentation.

The law also sets certain requirements for websites. On the website of Authority, Consumer and Market (ACM) the main rules are defined for merchants who sell products and services to consumers.

The best way to offer iDEAL on your website

You can help your customers by making it easier to choose between the various methods of payment. Use the advices below to make sure you present your website as effectively as possible, so that your customers can pay quickly and securely.


  1.  Offer iDEAL free of charge.
    Compared to other payment methods, iDEAL is low in cost. This is especially the case if you consider the additional saving that guaranteed payment offers. In general, consumers opt for
    the least expensive payment method.
  2. Offer consumers a discount (or additional saving) if they pay using iDEAL.
    Promotions have been shown to be successful in encouraging consumers to use a particular payment method. For example, ‘no shipping costs’ or a ‘EUR 2.50 discount’ are particularly
    effective. In the case of iDEAL, these promotions result in a 20% increase in the use of this payment method.
  3. Before offering the choice of iDEAL, make sure you display the total amount of the order.
    Research has shown that many customers back out if extra costs (such as shipping costs) are suddenly added to the amount payable.
  4. Ensure that iDEAL is the first method of payment listed.
    Many webshops offer several methods of payment. Often the first one listed is generally the oldest method. Put iDEAL at the top because it involves lower costs for you.
  5. Include a link to www.ideal.nl.
    According to research, customers may need further information about iDEAL before and during the payment process. Include a link to www.ideal.nl and display the information in a pop-up screen so that your customers are not distracted from the process of payment.

Ordering securely on your website

Apart from a secure and reliable payment module, it is also important for your customers to be able to place their order on your website in security. A trusted website boosts orders and sales. You should therefore ensure that your customers’ order information is properly secured on your website.

Below are two recommandations on maximising the security of order details on your website:

  1. In payment requests, do not include any parameters that can be accessed from the consumer’s browser environment.
    Some webshops display an order confirmation screen to consumers before the iDEAL payment. When creating the screen, it is not recommended to use the same parameter that is applied later in the process to create the iDEAL payment request for your bank or Payment Service Provider.
  2. Check your payment module.
    We recommend that you check to ensure that the fields required to initiate an iDEAL payment cannot also be altered by the consumer. If there is any risk of this, we recommend that you modify or replace the payment module as soon as possible.