Currence is the iDEAL trademark owner. Not every organisation can offer iDEAL as a payment method. Currence sets certain rules for Payment Service Providers, acquirers and Collecting Payment Service Providers. They can be issued with an iDEAL licence if they agree to abide by these rules. The licence enables them to offer iDEAL as a method of payment to businesses and other parties offering online products and services.

If you would like to enable your customers to pay using iDEAL, you must agree an iDEAL contract with a certified Payment Service Provider. They offer a range of different types of subscription or contract for iDEAL. Simply select the subscription or contract that best suits the way you run your business. The bank or CPSP can advise you on this.

When you have agreed an iDEAL contract, your PSP will issue you with the Merchant Integration Guide. This document describes the technical specifications for integrating iDEAL into your online checkout system. Your PSP can assist you with this.