If you sell products and services online, you want a secure and trusted payment method for your customers. iDEAL is just that, because it uses the online banking system your customers already know.

Payment Service Providers offer iDEAL to their customers. It consists of a collection of agreements and standards (a protocol) that Payment Service Providers apply within their systems. The iDEAL protocol provides an immediate online guaranteed transfer from the buyer’s bank account to the bank account of the webshop. To offer iDEAL as a method of payment, you need to implement the protocol within your own systems. You will receive information for this from your Payment Service Provider.

In addition to a direct payment at webshops, the use of iDEAL is increasingly growing as a post payment method, to pay bills or to pay (monthly) subscription fees. Please read more about this on webpage iDEAL as an email link.

Merchants also have questions about optimizing the implementation of iDEAL. Please download this fact sheet and read the tips so your customers are more likely to pay with iDEAL.