• Payee

    • My company collects online donations for charity organizations. Can I use iDEAL to receive these donations?

      In the Netherlands there are many charity organizations. Some parties provide an online platform to collect donations for these charity organizations. Does your organization receive funds on behalf of a charity, and thereafter, do you transfer these funds to the affiliated charity organization? Then Currence iDEAL BV qualifies you as a CPSP . In this case you must first be certified by Currence iDEAL BV before you can offer iDEAL as a payment option on your online platform.

    • How can I include iDEAL as a payment method in my online checkout?

      iDEAL is a standardised method of payment offered by a large number of banks and Collecting Payment Service Providers (CPSPs). If you would like to offer iDEAL to your customers, you will need to agree a
      contract with one of these parties. They will also provide you with support in the technical implementation of iDEAL within your online checkout system.

    • How can I promote iDEAL at my online checkout?

      To promote iDEAL at your online checkout, it is worth considering offering consumers a discount (or additional saving on the order) if they pay using iDEAL.

    • I am having difficulties implementing iDEAL in my online checkout. What should I do?

      You have agreed an iDEAL contract with one of the participating banks or a Collecting Payment Service Provider (CPSP). They also provide you with support in the technical implementation of iDEAL within your online checkout system, or in the event of problems with it. You should therefore contact your bank or CPSP.

    • Is iDEAL only intended for use in the Netherlands or can it also be used in other countries?

      Since the introduction of the European SEPA Credit Transfer system , iDEAL payments are now possible from and to all European bank accounts (in €). However, in order to enable foreign customers to pay using iDEAL, their bank must have an iDEAL licence from Currence, the trademark owner and supervisory authority for iDEAL. Please visit the list of iDEAL licence-holders.

    • Is iDEAL really secure?

      iDEAL is based on online banking and uses the same security techniques. This means that iDEAL is just as secure as online banking.

    • Is there any iDEAL promotional material available?

      Yes, there are various banners and logos available:

      • Dynamic
      • Static
      • Mobile

      You can download the logos and banners on our website

    • Is it possible to offer an iDEAL payment request as an e-mail link?

      It is possible to send an iDEAL payment request using an e-mail link. For details of how this works and for its technical implementation, you can contact the organisation with which you have an iDEAL contract, your bank or a Collecting Payment Service Provider.

    • What is a Payment Service Provider (PSP)?

      At iDEAL, we draw a distinction between two types of PSPs:

      • A Collecting PSP (CPSP). This is a service provider that manages the checkout system for online payments in your webshop. The CPSP also acts, on its own account and at his own risk, as an intermediary in the settlement of the iDEAL payment to you as a business. A CPSP is only permitted to offer the iDEAL payment system if it is certified by Currence and has agreed a contract with a bank to use the iDEAL product.
      • A Distributing PSP (DPSP; also referred to as a technical PSP). This is a service provider that manages the checkout system for online payments in your webshop. However, unlike the CPSP, the DPSP does not act as an intermediary in the settlement of the iDEAL payment. For that, you need to agree a separate iDEAL contract with your bank.
    • What legal requirements apply for a webshop?

      The statutory obligations that apply to webshops can be found on the Dutch Consumer & Market
      Authority (Autoriteit Consument & Markt , ACM) website.

    • Where can I make enquiries about a specific iDEAL payment?

      Most providers of iDEAL offer the facility of logging in to their website to check or obtain the status
      of specific payments. On many of these websites, it is also possible to send questions to a specialised helpdesk.

    • Why is a business bank account required for iDEAL?

      The use of a business bank account minimises the risk for consumers. This consumer protection is necessary for the following reasons:

      1. iDEAL is a guaranteed advance payment to the webshop (with subsequent delivery).
      2. Online purchasers do not have the consumer protection offered by the EU Consumer Rights Directive when trading with a private bank account.

      When opening a business account, the bank applies more stringent requirements than it does for a private account. In addition, banks provide continuous monitoring and reviews of business accounts and the transactions of participants/clients.

    • Does iDEAL also work on smartphones or tablets?

      iDEAL works on all mobile devices that have an internet connection and web browser. Some banks have developed a special version of iDEAL that is more convenient to use on smartphones and tablets or that enables payments using the Mobile Banking app.

      For more information, read the details on mobile payments using iDEAL for consumers.

    • Is iDEAL supported by all internet browsers?

      iDEAL is supported by all browsers that are also supported by online banking. That includes the most frequently-used browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Firefox.

  • iDEAL QR code

    • What is iDEAL QR?

      It is an innovation from iDEAL that makes it possible to initiate a mobile iDEAL payment from a screen, printed matter or letter. With this innovation, iDEAL can be used as a payment method in new situations, including making doorstep donations, paying invoices, paying for films on TV (video on demand), paying bills at restaurants or cafés, or transferring iDEAL transactions from a PC or laptop to a mobile phone, etc.

    • How does iDEAL QR work?

      After scanning an iDEAL QR code, which can be recognised by the iDEAL logo, all information about the transaction (amount, beneficiary and description) will appear in the app. The consumer subsequently checks and confirms this information. To complete the transaction, the payer approves the iDEAL payment in the mobile banking app in the usual way, by using the mobile PIN code. If a consumer has not installed an active mobile banking app, the payment can also be completed through the bank’s mobile web pages. After the payment, the consumer will be automatically routed to the merchant’s mobile environment.

      At this time, iDEAL QR codes can be scanned with the secure, free iDEAL app. Consumers can easily install it on their telephones or tablets. In the coming period, the banks will be making their mobile banking apps suitable for scanning the iDEAL QR code as well. The entire transaction – from scanning through payment – can then be completed in this app.

    • What is the advantage of iDEAL QR?

      With an iDEAL QR code, an iDEAL payment can be initiated in a physical environment, as in the following situations:

      • Doorstep donations;
      • Paying an invoice;
      • Paying for video on demand;
      • Paying a bill at a restaurant or café;
      • Transferring the payment from a PC or laptop to a mobile device.

      The payment that is made is a ‘regular’ iDEAL payment, with iDEAL QR being just as fast, secure and convenient as iDEAL mobile. Paying with iDEAL can be done anytime and anywhere, and consumers only need a smartphone or tablet.

      Moreover, the conversion of these payments has been maximised, given the completely mobile consumer flow. In addition, with iDEAL QR,  organisations also get a payment guarantee if the transaction is completed successfully.

    • What does iDEAL QR cost?

      The Dutch Payments Association is currently offering iDEAL QR without charge for generating QR codes or for them to be scanned by consumers. The fees of the iDEAL payments are subject to  the iDEAL contract that you have with an Acquirer or CPSP.

      In the course of 2017, several banks will start offering their own iDEAL QR propositions. It will then be possible to conclude an iDEAL QR contract directly with your bank as well. At that time, the bank will determine the costs for iDEAL QR. If you would like to know when this will be available at your bank, please contact your bank.

    • Why was a QR code chosen?

      The QR code is familiar to most consumers, and it can be used by anyone who has a smartphone with a camera. The code is simple to produce and to display. Until recently, QR codes did not have a positive image. Scanning them often did not result in positive user experiences for the consumer. Recently this has changed and QR-codes have been used in several financial use cases from banks and payment service providers. For the iDEAL QR code, the payment information is displayed directly after the code has been scanned, after which the consumer can complete the payment.

    • Can my customers already pay with iDEAL QR?

      Absolutely. Any customer who has a smartphone or tablet with a camera can download the iDEAL app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. The payment can then be completed in the mobile banking app or on the bank’s mobile payment pages.

      In the course of 2017, the banks will be making their mobile banking apps suitable for scanning the iDEAL QR code as well. The entire transaction – from scanning through payment – can then be completed in this app.

    • Is iDEAL QR secure?

      Yes, because the entire ecosystem that is used for iDEAL QR is controlled by Currence iDEAL B.V. For this reason, iDEAL QR codes can only be issued by audited bodies, and then read only by certified apps. This makes iDEAL QR just as secure as iDEAL itself.

    • What if my question is not included here?

      The Dutch Payments Association can be contacted at ideal@betaalvereniging.nl.

    • What must I do in order to offer iDEAL QR to my customers as a payment method?

      If you would like to start using iDEAL QR, you will need an contract with one of the participating acquirers (ABN AMRO, ING or Rabobank) or CPSPs (Buckaroo, CM Payments, CURO Payments, Ginger Payments, Mollie, Multisafepay, Online Betaalplatform or Sisow).

      We advise you to contact one of the participating acquirers or CPSPs should you require more information about the possibilities to offer iDEAL to your clients.

      Your CPSP is not included? Please contact Currence via ideal@betaalvereniging.nl, there are still parties joining.