As a payee, you want your clients to be able to pay quickly and easily with iDEAL. The payment is an important element in the realisation of the purchase. With the information on the iDEAL availability page, you can easily determine whether or not a specific consumer bank (issuer) is available. You can use this information to determine if you want to give your client the option of paying with iDEAL.

The information from the measurement system can be received through a secure website, if you wish. The information is sent in XML messages to the environment specified by you. You can keep this in mind when creating your payment page. If a specific bank is unavailable, you could state this on your payment page.

In order to receive this availability information, you can register here.

Would you like to know more about iDEAL? You can see how it works in this animation.

iDEAL as a payment link

Do you want your clients to pay with iDEAL, even though iDEAL is unavailable? In that case, you might want to send an email with an iDEAL link. That link connects to your iDEAL payment page, where the client can make the payment as soon as iDEAL becomes available again. For more information on this option and the technical implementation thereof, please contact the party with which you have concluded an iDEAL contract. This party is your bank or a Collecting Payment Service Provider.

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