1. Source: Currence

    Dutch online payment method iDEAL exceeds 2 billion payments

    Dutch online payment method iDEAL has registered more than 2 billion online payments as of early November 2018. The first billion iDEAL payments took nearly eleven years to complete. The second billion required less than three years. In 2018 consumers are expected to make more than half a billion iDEAL payments. iDEAL payments peak on […]

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  2. Source: iDEAL

    iDEAL leading payment method on mobiles

    Online payment method iDEAL has strengthened its leading position in the Netherlands by growing 33,8 percent in 2017. More than half of all iDEAL payments are now made in mobile banking apps.

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  3. Source: Betaalvereniging Nederland

    iDEAL payments catapulted in 2015

    The iDEAL online payment product broke records again in 2015. Last year, iDEAL was used more than 222 million times, a year-on-year increase of 23.2 percent (2014: 180.2 million).

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  4. Source: Finance Innovation

    iDEAL leading in Dutch online payments (part 1)

    18 December 2015 iDEAL is more popular than ever. A study by the European Institute for Brand Management reveals that Dutch consumers rank iDEAL among the top five most indispensible brands. What is the reason for this success? And how much more can be achieved, in the Netherlands and abroad? For further information read the […]

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  5. Source: Trustly.com

    Trustly.com certified as the latest foreign CPSP for iDEAL

    Recently Trustly Group has been certified as the latest foreign CPSP for iDEAL. Piet Mallekoote, CEO of Currence and brand owner of iDEAL, says: “We are delighted that our relationship with Trustly enables Dutch consumers to pay with iDEAL in new European markets outside of the Netherlands through a trusted alternative. Being part of the […]

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  6. Source: PPRO.com

    PPRO Group becomes the first non-bank iDEAL acquirer

    Cross-border e-payment specialist, PPRO Group has become the first non-bank acquirer of the Dutch payment system iDEAL, offering both acceptance and processing. Prior to this announcement, iDEAL had six banks holding acquirer licenses – all using the same processing platform – and the PPRO Group was a certified iDEAL collecting payment service provider (CPSP) connected […]

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  7. Source: Checkout.com

    Checkout.com certified as the latest foreign CPSP for iDEAL

    Recently Checkout.com has been certified as the latest foreign CPSP for iDEAL. Foreign web shops increasingly offer iDEAL as a payment option for Dutch consumers. Already 20% of all iDEAL payments are done at online stores outside the Netherlands. With Checkout.com 53 CPSPs are certified for iDEAL, including 16 foreign CPSPs. For more information, please […]

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  8. Source: iDEAL.nl

    New iDEAL website!


    Welcome to the new iDEAL website. Stay up to date about new developments, on desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Take a tour along video’s, the demo and other content of the website.

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  9. Source: ideal.nl

    Fake e-mails on behalf of iDEAL!


    Dutch internet users have received so called phishing mails aiming to steal their secret access- or security codes for online banking. These fake emails are sent on behalf of iDEAL. Please note that iDEAL will never send unsolicited emails to consumers. Questions regarding iDEAL are handled and answered by CURRENCE, brand owner of iDEAL. Furthermore, […]

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