Next to a payment with iDEAL in a webshop it is also possible that you receive an iDEAL Payment link by email, text message, WhatsApp or other online channels. Also you are able to present a payment request to another consumer by using the iDEAL app. Both the iDEAL Payment link as the Payment request (Consumer-to-Consumer) are easy, secure and reliable ways to pay with iDEAL, just as you are used to.

Receiving a Payment link from a company

Companies may send you a so-called payment link. For example by email, text message, WhatsApp or other online channels. It makes paying your invoices using iDEAL very easy. You only have to click on the link and approve the payment in the online banking app or website of your own bank.

A company is only allowed to send you such an iDEAL payment link if you have agreed on this with the company concerned. You will only receive these messages if you expect an invoice, payment reminder, donation request or another payment request of this familiar company. For example for a subscription, an advance payment to your energy supplier or a payment reminder.

Of course you have to make sure you complete the payment in a secure way. On our web page security you will find some tips how to analyze and judge these payment requests before you actually approve the payment.

Payment request from Consumer-to-Consumer

As a consumer you are able to make a payment request to another consumer. You can do this by using the iDEAL-app. With this app you can easily generate an iDEAL QR code which you present to another consumer. This offers a secure and reliable solution for consumers who want to settle a payment between themselves without the obligation to share each other’s phone numbers and bank account numbers. This can for example be very useful during garage sales, flea markets or sales at the door.

If you want more information about the iDEAL payment request, please consult our web page about the iDEAL app.