Top 5 questions for businesses

  1. I experience difficulties with implementing iDEAL. What to do?

    You have agreed an iDEAL contract with one of the iDEAL Partners. They also provide you with support for the technical implementation of iDEAL. You should therefore contact your bank or CPSP.

    See also our implementation guidelines for iDEAL.

  2. Can I offer iDEAL as a non-Dutch organisation?

    Yes, as a non-Dutch organisation you can offer iDEAL to your Dutch payees. You do not need a Dutch bank account. In this case you need a contract with an iDEAL Partner who collects the iDEAL payments and credits them to your foreign bank account. This service is offered by several Collecting Payment Service Providers (CPSP’s).

  3. How can I offer an iDEAL payment link?

    It is possible to send an iDEAL payment request to your payees via a link in, for example an email, text message or WhatsApp message. See this link for more information.

  4. How can I offer iDEAL as a payment method to my payees?

    iDEAL is a standardised method of payment offered by a large number of banks and Collecting Payment Service Providers (CPSPs). If you would like to offer iDEAL to your customers, you will need to agree an iDEAL contract with one of these parties. They will also provide you with technical support for integration of iDEAL within your online checkout system.

  5. Which fees are applicable for iDEAL?

    To offer iDEAL to your clients as a payment method, you need a contract with an iDEAL Partner (Acquirer or CPSP). The fees for iDEAL differ per iDEAL contracting Partner. Most often a fixed fee per transaction is applicable and with some parties also a monthly subsciption. On the websites of these Partners you can see which iDEAL partner is most suited to your situation.

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