iDEALWelcome to the new iDEAL website. Stay up to date about new developments, on desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Take a tour along video’s, the demo and other content of the website.

The iDEAL website is your gateway to information about paying with iDEAL, for payers, payees and service providers. How does iDEAL work, in webshops and behind the scenes? What can you do to keep iDEAL payments secure?

  • Check out the iDEAL demo (in Dutch) and experience every step in an online iDEAL payment through your own bank, with examples of every screen from each bank, for desktops or smartphones.
  • View the video for payers that explains how you can pay easily and securely with iDEAL for purchases on the internet, through your own bank.
  • The video for payees demonstrates step by step how an iDEAL payment is established, quickly and guaranteed.
  • Animated logos and banners help web shops that offer iDEAL on their website, to convey to their customers that they can pay reliably with iDEAL.
  • The iDEAL key figures illustrate the tempestuous growth of iDEAL, in numbers and graphs. In addition, they provide data about the average monthly availability of iDEAL.